What Has Changed?

Bee’s Body Butter has now been expanded to a collection of skin improving body butter. Totaling in 6 different options to choose from.

This collection includes the OG, the original Bee’s Body Butter formula. The OG that started it all has that warm chocolate scent we all love and is now available in solid and whipped textures. 

Next, we have the OG Unscented for more simple and clean. A variation of the OG, the OG Unscented is just as the title suggests, everything you get in the OG, but unscented. This is also available in solid and whipped textures.

Lastly, we have Mango Moisture which contains Mango Butter and Vitamin E for hyperpigmentation and scarring. Unlike our other two body butters, Mango Moisture is an exfoliating body butter, allowing you to have a gentle scrub as the body butter melts into your skin. This is also available in solid and whipped. 

We bring you variety, just like the variety in your beautiful skin.