About Us


Our Mission

Bee's Body Basics strives to make people feel confident in their own skin. Our motto ‘Enhancing Melanin’ describes what the body butter is made to do. With our deeply penetrating products, your skin will be renewed as it is nourished and enhanced from surface. Bee’s Body Basic was created to help improve skin for all skin types. Our goal is to naturally improve your skin leaving it better than ever before. 

Creator & CEO of Bee’s Body Basics

Abimbola is a 22 year old first generation  Nigerian-American woman from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is a senior computer science major at Howard University and recently started her career as a software engineer. 

Abimbola started Bee’s Body Basics in a hotel room in Summer 2019.  She would make lotions and body butter to treat her eczema and realized she could be helping others with their skin problems as well. She sampled a few bottles of her personal formula to her friends and family to get feedback. Once she heard the amazing results it was giving them she decided to move forward with creating Bee’s Body Basics.  She started out with just 36 jars of body butter to see how successful the business would be. Once they all sold out and all her customers were asking for more she knew she would come back bigger and better for her official launch. 


Quote from the Creator

I can't lie, that original formula.... it's unlike anything I've ever felt before. It's so rich. My sisters and I literally fight over the jar.